The Research Division - Wahanga Mahi Rangahau


We provide other parts of the Ministry of Education with up-to-date research and evaluation-based information, which is used to develop, modify and implement specific educational policies and practice.

This research is generated in-house and commissioned from agencies outside the Ministry.

The Ministry of Education's Research Division consists of the Comparative Education Research Unit (CERU), and the Research and Evaluation Team.

Comparative Education Research Unit

The Comparative Education Research Unit is primarily responsible for facilitating and overseeing New Zealand's participation in large-scale, international research projects. Unit staff also undertake fieldwork for the studies and analyse and write up reports on the results for New Zealand.

The findings of the international studies managed by the Unit: add to the empirical knowledge base that helps inform Ministry of Education policy decisions; provide trend data; and stimulate interest and debate among practitioners and other interested members of the education community.

Research and Evaluation Team

The Research and Evaluation Team has both an internal and external focus, although there can be considerable overlap of functions between these two.

This team works with others in the Ministry to provide them with current, research-based information which they can use when developing, modifying, and implementing specific educational policies and practice. The team also oversees a programme of research undertaken by researchers 'external' to the Ministry of Education.

Each year, on an ongoing basis, the Team calls for tenders for research projects on, for example, evaluations of new and existing programmes or policies. These projects are initiated by the Ministry and funded either by the Research and Evaluation Team and/or other divisions within the Ministry, depending upon who initiates the project.

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If you have questions relating to Research Projects or wish to request a Research Publication please email the: Research Mailbox