Number of Schools

Data on the number of schools in New Zealand as at 1 July, by School Type.

At 1 July 2016, the number of state, state-integrated, private, and partnership schools in New Zealand was 2,529. This is nine fewer than in July 2015.

Between 1 July 2015 and 1 July 2016, a total of 18 schools closed. 15 state schools closed: 11 full primary schools, two contributing, one secondary and one composite school. Two private schools closed: both composite schools. One partnership school closed: a secondary school.

Between 1 July 2015 and 1 July 2016, a total of nine schools opened. One private school opened: a contributing school. Eight state schools opened: three full primary schools, two composite, two secondary, and one teen parent unit.

Between 1 July 2015 and 1 July 2016 five schools changed school type: two Contributing (Year 1-6) became Full Primary, three Full Primary became Composite (Year 1-15).

Table 1: Total Number of Schools by School Type at 1 July 2010 to 2016
Type of SchoolNumber of SchoolsChange
Primary Subtotal2,0072,0001,9791,9611,9631,951-12
Full Primary1,0981,1031,0881,0781,0771,068-9
Composite Subtotal1551571621671701722
Restricted Composite3434550
Correspondence School1111110
Secondary Subtotal3623623603663673681
Year 7-151031031031081071081
Year 9-15239239236236237236-1
Teen Parent Unit2020212223241

Time Series Data for Number of Schools

This spreadsheet provides time series data in a single table for each of the dimensions shown in the chart below. Each table focuses on a single dimension and covers 1996-2016.

Number of Schools Time Series Download:

Build Your Own Table: Interactive Pivot Table for New Zealand Schools

This spreadsheet provides the underlying data for all of the one-on-one dimensional tables in the chart below. You can use this spreadsheet to create your own tables by any combination of variables.

Please note: use of this spreadsheet requires MS Excel version 2007 or later.

New Zealand Schools Interactive Pivot Table Download:

One-on-One Dimensional Tables for New Zealand Schools

The chart below provides a number of one-on-one dimensional tables relating to New Zealand schools. All of the tables cover 1996-2016

School Sector School Type Affiliation School Authority School Gender Decile
School Type Spreadsheet

Affiliation Spreadsheet Spreadsheet

School Authority Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Spreadsheet

School Gender Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Spreadsheet

Decile Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Spreadsheet
Education Region Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Spreadsheet
Regional Council Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Spreadsheet
Territorial AuthoritySpreadsheetSpreadsheetSpreadsheetSpreadsheetSpreadsheetSpreadsheet