Internationalisation of education providers in New Zealand

Statistics in this section relate to the internationalisation and international activities of New Zealand education providers, including: providers’ participation in the recruitment of international students, their delivery of programmes offshore, and development of research and other international linkages.

Statistics relating to the Export Education Levy, collected from the export education industry. Export education relates to the provision of education to full fee-paying international students who come to New Zealand to study in both the schooling and tertiary sectors.  The Export Education Levy Key Statistics contain a number of time series, starting from 2003 when the Levy was first included, and include the number of providers enrolling international students, tuition fees paid to providers, and the Export Education Levy collected from providers.  To download these statistics please see below:

Export Education Levy Statistics and New Zealand Universities Rankings Downloads:

Report on Internationalisation in New Zealand Tertiary Education Organisations

The report on Internationalisation in New Zealand Tertiary Education Organisations provides information on the extent to which tertiary education providers in New Zealand have engaged in internationalisation activities.

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