International Education

Students' international learning

This section provides statistics on students’ participation and achievement in learning that contributes to their knowledge of the world, that provide a picture of students’ development of international and intercultural skills, and students’ uptake of opportunities for study overseas.

International students in New Zealand

Statistics in this section include the numbers of international students studying in New Zealand, international students’ progression through the New Zealand education system, their academic achievement, support provided for international students and international students’ experiences in New Zealand, their employment outcomes, and ongoing links to New Zealand as alumni.

Last Updated: January 2015

Internationalisation of education providers in NZ

Statistics in this section relate to the internationalisation and international activities of New Zealand education providers, including: providers’ participation in the recruitment of international students, their delivery of programmes offshore, and development of research and other international linkages.

Benefits of international education for NZ

Statistics in this section relate to the benefits that accrue to New Zealand from international education. This section includes statistics on the economic impact of international education and the contribution that international education makes to the New Zealand community.

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