Early Childhood Education

Annual ECE Census: Summary Report 2013

This report summarises the results from the June 2013 Annual Census of ECE services. It provides a sector-wide statistical summary of key aspects of the early childhood education sector and the trends over the past decade.


Statistics on children's participation in ECE including tables on prior participation rates of children starting school, enrolments, average hours spent in ECE and attendance in playgroups.


Statistics on providers of ECE, including tables on the number and types of ECE services, and information on waiting times.


Statistics on expenditure on ECE, including tables on government expenditure on ECE, and tables on the Consumers Price Index for the fees charged by ECE services.


Statistics on staffing in the ECE sector, including tables on numbers and characteristics of ECE teachers.

Language use in ECE

Statistics on language use in ECE, including tables on number of services, enrolments and teaching staff in ECE.

Māori in ECE

Statistics on Māori in ECE, including tables on participation, use of Māori language in ECE, and Māori teaching staff in ECE.

Pasifika in ECE

Statistics on Pasifika in ECE, including tables on participation by different Pasifika groups, use of Pasifika languages in ECE, and Pasifika teaching staff in ECE.

ECE Services Directory

A list of early childhood services including contact details, institution information, regional information & management contact details.

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