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Logo-moeMinistry of Education
The Ministry of Education is the Government's lead advisor on the New Zealand education system, shaping direction for sector agencies and providers.


Arts Online
Arts Online is the key professional resource for all arts educators in primary and secondary schools in New Zealand.

Logo-Digiops-50x50Digital Opportunities Project (DigiOps)
The Digital Opportunities projects are joint partnerships between schools, organisations involved in ICT and the Ministry of Education. The aim of the projects are to improve learning through the use of leading edge technologies.


Early Childhood Education
Advice, support and information about early childhood education.


Education Gazette
The Official magazine of the Ministry of Education.


English Online
A site for English teachers (years 1-13) which includes teaching resources, networks and research for teachers and student projects and publication opportunities

Logo-Educational-LeadersEducational Leaders is the whole of government business portal designed to make it easier to run your business. It acts as an online business adviser, providing a gateway to business resources.


NZ Maths is the whole of government business portal designed to make it easier to run your business. It acts as an online business adviser, providing a gateway to business resources.


Services for Tertiary Education Organisations.


Your one stop site for achieving in NCEA maths, science, and English. Find what you need to know, contact subject teachers, and get encouragement from other students.


Te Tere Auraki
Te Hiringa i te Mahara aims to empower you as a Māori secondary school teacher, particularly if you are a teacher of te reo Māori.


Te Kete Ipurangi
Bilingual portal site which provides quality assured educational material for teachers, school managers, and the wider education community.


Teach NZ is the whole of government business portal designed to make it easier to run your business. It acts as an online business adviser, providing a gateway to business resources.

WickED is a fun learning site for kids between the ages of 7 and 12.

Government Portals

Logo-NZ-Govt-50x50New Zealand Government
We're We're here to make it easier for people to find and use government information online.

New Zealand's official statistics portal with links to official statistics published by Statistics New Zealand and other government agencies.


Business Government NZ is the whole of government business portal designed to make it easier to run your business. It acts as an online business adviser, providing a gateway to business resources.

National Education Focus

Logo-Careers-NZ-50x50Career Services
Information on New Zealand as a study destination.

Logo-Education-NZ-50x50Education New Zealand
Information on New Zealand as a study destination.

Logo-ERO-50x50Education Review Office
Government department responsible for reviewing and reporting publicly on the quality of education in all New Zealand schools and early childhood services

Logo-Independent-Schools-50x50Independent Schools of New Zealand
ISNZ represents private and independant school.

Logo-Industry-Training-Federation-50x50Industry Training Federation
The Industry Training Federation (ITF) is a membership-based organisation, representing Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) that works with agencies and sector groups to improve the policy for and delivery of industry training.


Ministry of Social Development
Strategic social policy advice to Government and delivers income support and employment services.


New Zealand Qualifications Authority
Provides an overarching role in quality assured qualifications and to co-ordinate national qualifications in New Zealand.

Logo-NZSTA-50x50New Zealand School Trustees Association
NZSTA supports and provides information to boards of trustees in the compulsory education sector.

NZ-Teachers-Council-IconNew Zealand Teachers Council
Teacher Licensing in New Zealand.

Logo-Stats-NZ-50x50Statistics New Zealand
Access to information about social services that the government funds in your community.

Logo-Contract-Mapping-50x50 New Zealand's major source of statistics. Contract Mapping

International Education Focus

Logo-ATEM-50x50Association for Tertiary Education Management
An Australasian association of tertiary education administrators and managers.

International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement. An independent, international cooperative of national research institutions and governmental research agencies. IEA oversees the TIMSS and PIRLS assessments.

The Progress in International Reading Literacy Study is a research project that will provide information on the reading literacy of Year 5 students. It is an international comparative study in which 35 countries participated in the first data collection in 2001.

The Programme for International Student Assessment is an international study that assesses how well 15-year-old students are prepared to meet the challenges of today's society. It is a three-yearly survey of 15-year-olds in the principal industrialised countries.


Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study, formerly known as the Third International Mathematics and Science Study, is an international comparative study that provides countries the opportunity to examine trends in mathematics and science achievement at the middle primary level (Year 5) and lower secondary level (Year 9)

Education Research Organisations - National Research Sites

A coordination hub for government and the social research and evalaution sector to improve capability, capacity and outcomes.


New Zealand Council for Educational Research
An independent, educational research organisation with a bicultural focus.

Logo-NZARE-50x50New Zealand Association for Research in Education.
NZARE is an association which aims to foster a high standard in the practice of educational research.

Logo-Teaching-and-Learning-50x50Teaching & Learning Research Initiative
The Teaching and Learning Research Initiative aims to build knowledge through partnership and research, about teaching and learning.


Kiwi Research Information Service (NZ
A gateway to the open-access research documents produced at universities, polytechnics and other research institutions throughout New Zealand.

Education Research Organisations -  University Research Sites

Logo-University-Auckland-50x50Research and Enterprise (The University of Otago)
Research and Enterprise information on the University of Otago website.


Research Centres (The University of Auckland)
Index for University of Auckland Research Centres


Woolf Fisher Research Centre (The University of Auckland)
Centre for the development for education within South Auckland communities with an emphasis on Māori and Pasific Island children's education.


Research Unit in Pasific and International Education (The University of Auckland)
Established as a centre for the co-ordination, publication and dissemination for research into Pasific Education.

Logo-Uniservices-50x50Uniservices Limited (The University of Auckland)
Commercial research and knowledge transfer company for the University of Auckland.

Logo-University-Waikato-50x50Research Office (University of Waikato)
Assists the University of Waikato's academic staff in their quest for research funding and other support.

Logo-University-Massey-50x50Massey Research (Massey University)
Provides research support activities to academic staff.

Logo-University-Victoria-50x50Institute for Early Childhood Studies (Victoria University of Wellington)
The Institute aims to bring together early childhood teachers, researchers and other professionals to contribute to the knowledge base for early childhood education.


Victoria University's commercial arm through which contract research and consulting, intellectual property commercialisation and other services are offered.

Logo-University-of-CanterburyResearch & Innovation (University of Canterbury)
A subsidiary of the University of Canterbury set up to work in partnership with industry to maximise the value of the intellectual property of the University.

Logo-Lincoln-Agritech-50x50Lincoln Agritech Limited
Lincoln Agritech provides development and consulting services and develops technologies for commercial exploitation.


Children's Issues Centre (University of Otago) The Centre aims to conduct and disseminate research of the highest standard that promotes understanding of the well-being among children and families. national interdisciplinary forum for research into and discussion of children's issues.

The purpose of the National Education Monitoring Project is to get a broad picture of the achievements New Zealand school students at successive points in time so that: trends in educational performance can be identified and reported; good information is available to assist policy makers, curriculum specialists and educators with their planning; and the public can know about trends in educational achievement.

Education Research Organisations - International Research Sites

Logo-The-Australasian-Evaluation-Society-50x50The Australasian Evaluation Society
The AES is a professional organisation for people involved in evaluation, which aims to improve the theory, practice and use of evaluation.

Logo-The-Evaluation-Exchange-50x50The Evaluation Exchange
Harvard Family Research Project's evaluation periodical.

Logo-The-Evaluation-Centre-50x50The Evaluation Centre
The Evaluation Center's mission is to advance the theory, practice, and utilization of evaluation. The Center's principal activities are research, education, service, dissemination, and national and international leadership in evaluation.

Logo-Virtual-Library-50x50The WWW Virtual Library: Evaluation
An online database of high quality internet resources related to social policy evaluation.