Trends in fields of study of bachelors degree graduates in New Zealand

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This report looks at trends in the fields of specialisation of bachelors degree graduates in New Zealand over the period 2002 to 2006. It uses newly developed, more detailed, and more reliable information on field of study than has previously been available.

Teacher education, business and management, and studies in human society, sales and marketing, law and nursing were the most common fields of specialisation for domestic bachelors graduates in 2006. The fastest growing areas have been biological sciences, law, communication and media studies, and social work and counselling. The fastest declining areas were information technology, teacher education, education studies, and accountancy.

The report also analyses field of study differences between provider types, domestic and international, male and female, and between different ethnic groups.

Accompanying this report is a large range of new tables on field of study.

 Provider-based enrolments: field of study
 Provider-based equivalent full time students (EFTS): field of study
 Field of specialisation for students gaining qualifications

Author(s): David Scott, Tertiary Sector Performance Analysis and Reporting, Ministry of Education

Date Published: April 2009

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