Profile & Trends 2009: New Zealand's Tertiary Education Sector

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This is edition 12 in an annual series on the tertiary education sector. Key findings from the 2009 report are:

  • 469,000 students were enrolled in formal study programmes in 2009, including 43,500 international students. There were 202,000 industry trainees in 2009.
  • Young tertiary students are studying at a more advanced level. More than three out of four young tertiary students are now studying level 4 qualifications and above.
  • International tertiary student numbers increased by more than 9 percent in 2009. In 2010, international enrolments are expected to increase by about 8 percent, while domestic enrolments are expected to increase slightly.
Short articles on the following topics are included in Profile & Trends 2009: Participation in post-compulsory education following decreases in New Zealand’s economic activity, What do students earn after their tertiary education, Raising the literacy, language and numeracy of the adult population, Progression to, and success in, bachelors-level study, Adults in non-formal and formal learning, and Students who had a disability

Author(s): Tertiary Sector Performance Analysis and Reporting, Ministry of Education

Date Published: August 2010

Student support

The number of student allowances recipients increased strongly from 2008 to 2009. The number of recipients has been rising since 2006 when changes were made by government to widen access to student allowances.

The number of students taking out a loan increased by 20,200 from 2008 to 2009 and now totals 199,000 students. The total amount borrowed increased to $1.39 billion. About four out of five eligible full-time students and two out of five of the eligible part-time students used the loan scheme.

The median and average amount borrowed increased slightly in 2009.

The number of New Zealanders who had a student loan balance with Inland Revenue at 30 June 2009 increased by 5.9 percent to 562,000. More than 60 percent of those with loans owed less than $15,000.

A total of $710 million in loan repayments was collected in the 2008/09 year. Of those who left study in 1992, 82 percent had fully repaid their loans by 31 March 2008. Men and women do not differ significantly in repayment times.

Figure 1.8: Student allowances recipients and student loan borrowers

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Source: Ministry of Social Development.