Effective Learning in Early Childhood Education?
The Impact of the ECE ICT PL Programme: A Synthesis Report

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This report provides an overview of the impact of the Early Childhood Education Information and Communication Technologies Professional Learning (ECE ICT PL) programme, 2006–2009.

Author(s): Ann Hatherly, Dr Vince Ham and Laura Evans, Report for the Ministry of Education.

Date Published: August 2010

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Recommendations from Services

Services were asked to provide recommendations for others embarking on a similar journey of exploration involving ICT for teaching and learning. The following represents the frequently mentioned suggestions.

  • Being a ‘techie’ type of person is not as important as having a willingness to learn new things, do things in a different way, give things a go and have fun.
  • A team-wide commitment is necessary to ensure an ICT-rich culture is supported in any educational context.
  • It is easy to get distracted by the big, bright and shiny world of digital tools. Consider carefully whether they will all add depth to learning experiences or will be merely a novelty.
  • Planned and strategic induction procedures for new teachers to climb on board will ensure the culture is not lost.
  • Discuss changes with the service community to ensure greater participation and support for innovation and change.
  • Ensure cybersafety education for all teachers goes hand-in-hand with the exploration of technology.
  • Role model cybersafety practices, advocate for cyber-citizenship and keep parents informed about how cybersafety is addressed.
  • Participating in the development of policies and procedures around cybersafety will help teachers/adults to clarify their understandings of areas of potential concern.
  • Be prepared to learn from children.
  • Adopt a buddy system within staff to build ICT capability.
  • Ensure that there is strategic planning to address funding for ICT equipment, maintenance and upgrading as well as teacher professional development.
  • Take change slowly so that whatever is begun is sustainable.
  • If considering blogs or e-portfolios, be prepared to trial these first for manageability – with teachers and/or with a small group of children.

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