Annual ECE Child and Staff Return

From here you can access the annual return collection forms, guidelines for completing the return, and code tables relevant to the return.

Annual ECE Return Statistics, Publications and Guidelines

Please consider the environment before printing the contents of this report. For links to statistical data and publications from the latest Annual ECE Child and Staff Return, as well as forms and guidelines helpful for completing your return, please refer to the 'Related Pages' inset box.


The Annual ECE Child and Staff Return is completed by early childhood education services and gives the Ministry of Education a 'snapshot' of the number of enrolled children and staff at licensed services. This information contributes to a comprehensive information base on early childhood education in New Zealand and is used in the development of policy and monitoring in early childhood education.

Early Learning Information System (ELI)

ELI is a Ministry information system for ECE. It will collect and store information on participating children's enrolment and attendance in ECE. Information will also be collected on staff working in each ECE service.

  • ELI will be available to all ECE services progressively from March 2014.
  • Services will be able to use ELI online via ELI Web or through their SMS.
  • ELI will allow ECE services to submit data to the Ministry electronically
  • Services using ELI by the end of May 2014 will not need to complete a paper-based RS61. You can find more information on the ELI website.

The best way to communicate your questions regarding ELI is by contacting the Ministry at: ELI Queries Mailbox or by calling 0800 ECE ECE (0800 323 323).

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Early Learning Information System (ELI)
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Annual ECE Child & Staff Return
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