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July School Roll Return

This is the main index page for July School Roll Returns. From here you can access the roll return collection forms, guidelines for completing the roll returns, code tables relevant to the roll return, and analysis based on the data.


The Ministry of Education carries out annual statistical collections (roll returns) from all schools in New Zealand.

The data provided through these collection exercises is used to fund and staff schools; to support policy analysis, development and decision making; to monitor the outcomes of the New Zealand education system; and for national and international reporting purposes.

The following table details of the information obtained from the July School Rolls Returns:

Regular StudentsNumber by age, gender, year of schooling, ethnicity, type of school, type of student and nature of attendance (full-time and part-time)
Adult StudentsNumber by gender, year of schooling and nature of attendance
International StudentsNumber by gender and year of schooling
Ethnic GroupBy age and gender, or year of schooling and gender
Māori Language Learning/
Māori-medium Education
Total number of students and number of Maori students by level of learning, and year of schooling
Pasifka-medium EducationNumber by language, level of immersion and year of schooling
Students in Special SchoolsNumber of students by gender, age, year of schooling, type of special education provision, and ethnicity
Subject EnrolmentsSubjects taken by secondary students by learning zone1 and gender
Predicted Rolls: Regular StudentsNumber by year of schooling for primary and intermediate; FTE by year of schooling for composite and secondary
Predicted Rolls: Adult StudentsFTE by year of schooling
Predicted Rolls: Māori-medium EducationNumber of students (Māori & Non-Māori) by level of learning
Boards of Trustees2Board Members by gender, ethnicity, position on board and type of member


  1. learning zone is the class level at which a subject is generally studied (this may differ to the Year Level of the student).
  2. Information is only available in summary format.

Key Findings

The latest international student enrolment trends from the July School Roll Return, as well as summaries of previous years, can be found in the school roll summary reports. These reports provide a summary of the roll information from the  return, including information on the number of schools, school roll, numbers of foreign fee-paying students and numbers of students involved in Māori-medium education. Data tables are also available from these linked pages.


The July School Roll Return data are used as the basis for a significant amount of analysis and many publications about schooling in New Zealand. July return data can be found in:

Links to Publications and Indicators containing July Roll Return Data:
  Education Statistics of New Zealand (Publication)
  Indicator Icon  Education Statistics of New Zealand
  New Zealand Schools: Ngā Kura o Aotearoa (Publication)
  Indicator Icon  New Zealand Schools: Ngā Kura o Aotearoa
  School Roll Summary Reports (Publication)
  Indicator Icon  School Roll Summary Reports
  State of Education in New Zealand (Publication)
  Indicator Icon  State of Education in New Zealand
  Prior Participation in Early Childhood Education: New Entrants (Indicator)
  Indicator Icon  Prior Participation in Early Childhood Education: New Entrants
  Retention of Students in Senior Secondary Schools (Indicator)
  Indicator Icon  Retention of Students in Senior Secondary Schools
  Kura Kaupapa Māori and Kura Teina Schools (Indicator)
  Indicator Icon  iKura Kaupapa Māori and Kura Teina Schools

Data Collection

   Collection Forms
   Indicator Icon   Collection Forms
           Copies of the collection forms used for the July School Roll Return are available as
           either MS Word documents or Adobe PDFs.
   Roll Return Guidelines
   Indicator Icon   Guidelines
            These guidelines have been updated and expanded to help schools to prepare the data
            needed for the March and July roll returns. They are designed to help Principals and
            their administrative staff to ensure that roll returns are completed accurately, whether
            they use a computerised student management system or complete their returns by
   Code Sets
   Indicator Icon   Code Sets
           Copies of the code sets used in roll return.

   Coding Guidelines
   Reducing Iwi Coding Problems
  Indicator Icon   Reducing Iwi Coding Problems
           Provides guidance on how to reduce the number of Iwi coding errors by highlighting the
           problem areas and providing the recommended code to use.
   Ethnic Group Code
  Indicator Icon    Ethnic Group Code
The ethnic group code includes a section on how to convert multiple ethnic groups into
           a single ethnic group (prioritisation).
   SMS Roll Returns
   Indicator Icon   SMS Vendors
Specific information for SMS Vendors regarding school roll returns. This information is
           provided to allow SMS vendors to ensure their systems are accurate prior to schools
           submitting their rolls.

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