Data Services

Collecting Information

Attendance Survey (electronic) 2014

Instructions on how to create and send electronic Attendance Survey files.

Code Sets

Copies of the larger code sets used by the various Ministry of Education data collections. Smaller code sets are contained within the Guidelines on Education Counts.

Collection Forms

Copies of the forms used for the major regular administrative data collections and national surveys carried out by the Ministry of Education.


A range of guidelines to help with the collection and use of data.

National Standards and Ngā Whanaketanga Rumaki Māori

A link to Schools Planning and Reporting information, resources and guidelines on the Ministry of Education website.

School SMS Roll Returns 2015

The approvals given here are specific to the school roll returns functionality.

SMS Vendors

This is the main page for vendors of student management systems (SMS) with regard to school roll returns, that is, the collection of student data from schools.

Last Updated: November 2014

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